• Erica Schaffer

To Stake or Not to Stake

That is the question! Recently, a customer asked whether or not it was time to add a stake to her Monstera Deliciosa. Looking at the picture, it seemed like an appropriate next step, but decided to dig a little deeper into whether there was actually a right time or not.

Monstera Deliciosa plants each grow really differently, creating their own unique shape. They come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny three-leaf babies with no fenestrations to giant — multiple plants in one pot — sprawling in all directions. The general consensus across social media appears to be that some sort of moss pole or stake is necessary for 'optimal health,' though I don't totally agree.

After taking a quick survey of our greenhouse, it appears we have some with stakes and some without. Moss poles are largely aesthetic — used primarily to train a plant to grow in a certain way (i.e. upward instead of outward). The plant will be fine with or without it. Smaller wooden stakes may also be used to help prop it up, depending on the size of the plant. Another option would be a triangular or rectangular trellis (like the ones used for tomatoes). This can sometimes be better because it offers more stability and multiple anchor points to affix the plant's stems with ties, allowing you to gently guide the plant into whatever shape you want.

In short, do you really need to stake your Monstera Deliciosa? The answer ... maybe! It's up to you. It all depends on your preference. If there's a specific shape you're trying to achieve, then do it! However, the health of the plant does not depend on it, since the leaves are actually fine growing on their own ... they often do in the wild!

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